100 Individual Training Drills

Simple & Effective Drills to Implement Right Now

Training by yourself is one of the best ways to develop as a player.

But sometimes when you get to the field, you don’t know which drills to focus on.

That’s why you need to have an arsenal of drills in your locker to pull from at any given moment.

Thankfully, Matt Sheldon (professional footballer) put together a video of 100 individual training drills.

100 Individual Training Drills

Skills Targeted

The skills focused on in this video include dribbling, passing, shooting, first touch, and juggling.

These drills are going to give you a wide variety of options when training by yourself.

Another added benefit is that these drills have dozens of varieties, so you can adjust them to help fit your specific needs.

Equipment Needed

You don’t need a lot of fancy training equipment to improve your skills.

For these drills, all you really need is the following:

  • Cleats (or indoor shoes)
  • Ball
  • Cones
  • Wall to pass against
  • Goal to shoot on

If you don’t have cones, any obstacles will do! Just be resourceful with what you have.

The same goes for goals. If you don’t have a real goal to shoot at, just find any target.

The beautiful thing about football is that you don’t need a lot equipment to succeed, so don’t over complicate it!

Final Notes

If you want to access the free video, you can check it out here.

Whether you want to work on your dribbling, passing, or shooting, you’ll get a wide variety of drills you can implement into your training.

Remember, you don’t have to do all 100 of these drills. Instead, I would recommend picking out 5 drills and mastering them.

These drills will put you on a fast track to develop your fundamentals.

So get out there and enjoy your training!

P.S. All 100 drills can be found in the following YouTube video

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