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Best Predator Ever? – Predator Elite Review

Best Predator Ever? – Predator Elite Review

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For its 30th anniversary, Adidas has gone back to the roots of its iconic Predator football boot series with the launch of the Predator Elite. This new model pays homage to classic Predator designs from 10-15 years ago, evoking a sense of nostalgia for longtime fans. But make no mistake, the Predator Elite is a thoroughly modern boot, packed with technological innovations. Let’s dive into the key features and performance to see if this blast from the past is worth a place on your radar.

Adidas Predator Elite

Stunning Design – A Blast From the Past

The design of the Predator Elite is simply stunning. The solar red launch colorway is tastefully contrasted with black accents, creating a head-turning look that just screams classic Predator. I was a tad skeptical when I first saw pictures, but in person, this boot looks absolutely amazing. Adidas has promised some exciting new colorways in the coming weeks and months too – I’m eagerly awaiting an all-black and a white/gold option.

Upper Tech & Strike Skin

Moving to the upper, Adidas has employed their new HyperTouch 2.0 material. It maintains a nice softness throughout, but also has a definite thickness to it. This gives the boot a more substantial, protective feel than super-thin uppers found on some other Adidas models like the Crazy Fast.

But the real star of the show is the iconic strike skin grip elements on the instep. Rather than small individual rubber nubs, the Elite features large rubber fins running along the inside of the foot. These protrude significantly, promising immense grip and traction on the ball. A subtle matte ridge texture on the outer side provides some additional grip as well.

Adidas Predator Elite

Lacing, Fit & Feel

A key change from last year’s Predator is the move away from a one-piece upper to a standalone tongue with a traditional lacing system. This creates a more open, adjustable fit and feel. The unique V-shaped lacing throat tapers elegantly into the toe box, making these boots extremely easy to take on and off.

I found the fit to be very comfortable overall. There is a nice wide and roomy feel through the midfoot area, which I personally prefer over boots that squeeze too tightly. The toe box does taper more aggressively, but the adjustable lacing allows you to find the perfect snug yet comfortable fit.

Slipping these on felt like stepping into a time machine, reminding me of trying on predators from a decade ago. While change is constant in the boot world, this traditional lacing and touch of nostalgia is a welcome change of pace.

Adidas Predator Elite

On-Pitch Performance

On the pitch, these boots feel like tanks in the best way possible. The thicker, more substantial upper definitely provides more of a barrier between your foot and the ball compared to ultralight boots. But don’t mistake this for a negative – many players will love the protective, dampened touch.

And that strike skin absolutely delivers on its promises of added grip. Dribbling felt noticeably stickier, allowing fantastic control. Shooting curveballs and long passes was enhanced too, as the grippy rubber fins are perfectly positioned in the sweet spot for ball strikes.

I was also very happy with the traction from the Controlframe 2.0 soleplate. The sharp, aggressive tri-star studs gripped firm ground pitches superbly with no slippage. My only wish is that Adidas offered an AG version with all conical studs for better artificial grass use.

Adidas Predator Elite

Value Proposition

At $260, the Predator Elite isn’t a cheap boot by any means. But in the world of top-tier football footwear, that’s to be expected. Over time, sales and discounts should help make these more accessible. And if you want football boots with this unique blend of traditional styling, modern tech, and nostalgia factor – these are truly in a class of their own compared to competitors like the Nike Phantom GX or New Balance Tekela v4.

Final Thoughts

Adidas set out to revive the aura and spirit of classic Predator boots in a new high-performance package, and they’ve absolutely nailed it with the Predator Elite. Long-time Predator fans will feel right at home slipping these on. The timeless look, substantial and protective yet grippy upper, and adjustable traditional lacing make this a wonderfully unique option in today’s market. If that blend of old-school vibes with cutting-edge tech appeals to you, the Predator Elite is a home run.

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