Puma Future 7 Pro Review

Puma Future 7 Pro – Review

Puma Future 7 Pro – Review

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In this review of the Puma Future 7 Pro, we will explore the design, features, performance, and overall value of this latest release to determine whether it’s a worthy update or a subtle refresh.

The Puma Future line has been a favorite among football enthusiasts for its quality and innovation, especially for those not wanting to spend excessively on high-end boots. The release of the Puma Future 7 Pro brings anticipation and intrigue, but does it measure up to its predecessors? Let’s find out.

Puma Future 7 Pro Review

Design and Aesthetics: What’s New?

The Future 7 Pro continues the legacy of its forerunners with a full knit upper, maintaining the Fusion Fit 360 branding. A notable aesthetic shift is the relocation of the power tape from a zigzag pattern on the side to a straight line across the top of the boot.

This isn’t just a cosmetic change; it enhances the midfoot lockdown, providing a subtle but valuable improvement to the boot’s structural integrity.

The stretchy knitted collar remains highly elasticated, promoting ease of entry and a snug fit, while the minimally designed lacing system is essential for a secure fit, preventing the boot from feeling overly loose.

Puma Future 7 Pro Review

Fit and Feel: Comfort Meets Controversy

Puma has executed a delicate balance of comfort and functionality with the Future 7 Pro. The boot’s interior is plush, enhancing the comfort with a soft inner liner extending through the midfoot and toe box.

This makes the boots not only easy to slip on and off but also accommodating in width, suitable for a broad range of foot shapes.

However, the fit isn’t without its drawbacks. The heel area, despite being high-cut, doesn’t offer the lockdown one might expect, potentially affecting stability during play.

The heel feels somewhat shallow, and the lack of a deep-seated feel could lead to slippage issues. This can be mitigated by tightly securing the laces, especially around the ankle, to enhance the boot’s overall stability.

Puma Future 7 Pro Review

On-Field Performance: Playability and Handling

Once properly adjusted, the Future 7 Pro performs admirably on the pitch. The flexible knit upper offers a seamless experience, almost akin to playing in laceless boots. The surface is less sticky than its predecessors, favoring players who prefer a cleaner strike and less ball cling during dribbles and passes.

The outsole, carrying over the dynamic motion design from the previous model, supports aggressive play with a mix of bladed and conical studs, ideal for firm natural grass surfaces.

This soleplate offers a medium flex, moving naturally with the foot, although it’s not as responsive or snappy as some might prefer for explosive sprints.

Puma Future 7 Pro Review

Comparing the Competition and Value

Priced competitively at around $140, the Future 7 Pro stands out in the takedown category, often offering features close to Puma’s top-end models.

This contrasts sharply with competitors like Nike’s Phantom GX2, where the takedown version lacks the premium features of its elite counterpart.

For those weighing options, it competes closely with Nike’s Tiempo Legend 10 Pro, another excellent boot with superior heel and ankle lockdown but a different aesthetic vibe.

Puma Future 7 Pro Review

Final Thoughts: Is the Future 7 Pro Worth It?

The Puma Future 7 Pro offers a blend of advanced features and improvements over previous models, ensuring its place as a top contender in the takedown category.

While the heel lockdown could be better, the overall comfort, flexibility, and on-field performance make it a compelling choice for players seeking a high-quality boot without the premium price tag.

In summary, the Future 7 Pro may not revolutionize the Puma Future line, but it does enough to maintain its status as one of the best takedown models available. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, these boots provide a blend of performance and value that is hard to beat.

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