Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite Review

Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite Review

Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite Review

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Nike continues to redefine the boundaries of athletic footwear with its latest offering in the soccer cleat universe, the Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite. This innovative model promises to deliver unparalleled performance enhancements to players looking to elevate their game.

In this Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite review, we’ll take a deep dive into the features, performance, and overall value of the Phantom GX 2 Elite to see if it lives up to the hype.

Design and Features

The Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite has generated a lot of buzz in the football community, promising advancements over its predecessor. With my experience in reviewing football boots, I’ve put the GX 2 through its paces to see how it stacks up.

Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite Review

Innovative Technology

The Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite incorporates GripKnit technology, maintaining the adhesive grip that players loved in the previous model but with added enhancements. Also, this year’s model introduces a textured pattern across the midfoot and forefoot, designed to improve ball control in all conditions.

Aesthetic and Comfort

Aesthetically, the GX 2 Elite features a sleek design with an off-white colorway, accented by a matte black heel. The off-center lacing system not only contributes to its unique look but also provides a larger surface area for ball contact.

Fit and Feel

The integration of FlyKnit with GripKnit has transitioned to a one-piece design, offering a more seamless fit and greater comfort. This boot feels snug yet accommodating, especially around the midfoot, suggesting that players stick with their usual Nike size.


Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite Review

On the Pitch

The GripKnit technology shines when it comes to ball control, making dribbling and precision moves feel more intuitive. However, it’s worth noting that the benefits during shooting are less pronounced.

Durability and Playability

Concerning durability, the GX 2 Elite has held up well during testing, showing no significant wear after several intense sessions. The boot’s performance on different pitch types has been consistent, though the stretchy collar design may allow for debris entry on artificial surfaces.

Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite Review

Competition and Market Position

While the review focuses on the GX 2 Elite’s standalone features and performance, it’s clear that Nike has positioned this boot to compete directly with other high-end models in terms of technology and design. Its unique selling point is its GripKnit technology, offering a distinct advantage in ball control.

The Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite represents a significant step forward in football boot technology. Its design and performance enhancements make it a strong contender for those looking to improve their game. While not without its minor flaws, the overall package is compelling for serious footballers.


Overall, the Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite stands out for its innovative design and performance features. It’s a boot that caters well to players who value ball control and comfort, setting a new benchmark in the football boot market.

Thank you for reading this in-depth review of the Nike Phantom GX 2 Elite. Whether you’re on the pitch regularly or simply enjoy the occasional game, this boot is worth considering for your next pair.

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