where to buy old football boots

Where to Buy Old Football Boots

Where to Buy Old Football Boots

New football boots are released every year. The big brands are focused on constantly refreshing the models for their most popular boots. So what happens to all the boots from previous years? It happens all too often that brands will come out with a great football boot, only to have it replaced on their site within a couple years. In this article, we’ll be going over the where to buy old football boots in order to get the best deal.

With the help of the internet, it’s easy to buy previous generations of football boots. For those who are more interested in going to the store to try their boots on, that’s still a great option too. Below are the different resources we’ll be focusing on in this article.

  • Online Stores
  • Local Stores
  • Ebay
  • Stock X

Having the right equipment can help you get the best out of your training. If you’re looking for the latest football boots and gear, go to World Soccer Shop for the best prices online.

Online Stores

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When big brands remove certain boots from their website, you can often still find older models from online retailers. These online stores are all authorized sellers of football gear. So you can be sure that you’re getting official products.

These retailers also have helpful return policies and customer service if your boots don’t fit as expected. Older models will go on sale as soon as newer boots are released. This results in the older boots getting bought fairly quickly, so you’ll want to act fast in order to get a pair in your size before they sell out.

If you live in Europe, Unisport has one of the largest collections of new and old football boots. If you’re in the Unites States, World Soccer Shop is a great retailer. I have linked these websites below for your reference.

Local Stores

Soccer Shop — Soccer City Sports Center

Your local football or soccer store is also a great place to pick up an older version of your favorite boot. When stores get shipments of new models, they often still have older inventory left over. In an effort to continue their business, these stores will often sell older boots at a discount.

This means that you have the opportunity to get a great deal when you shop in store. There is also the added benefit of being able to try on multiple different shoes in the store. This will make it more likely that you’re able to find a boot that fits you comfortably.

Ebay & Stock X

StockX Launches in Australia with Melbourne Authentication Center and  Enhanced Customer Experience

When you’re looking for a very specific boot, it can be tough to find a seller. That’s when consumer to consumer sites come in to play. These sites are great for buying new or used boots from other people who are looking to sell them. Two of the largest market places available are Ebay and Stock X.

Ebay is one of the largest online market places in the world. This makes it easy to find hundreds of different football boots. Sellers will ship the product directly to you, so it’s important to find a high rated seller. Sellers with positive feedback have a proven track record of delivering high quality boots on time.

Stock X is another popular marketplace for football boots. Similar to Ebay, Stock X involves buying boots from other individual sellers. However, the main difference is that Stock X provides authentication for every boot that’s is sold on their platform. They have a team that will go through a multi-step process to guarantee that the football boots are authentic.

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