Best Football Boots for Ball Control

Best Football Boots for Ball Control

Developing great ball control takes years of hard work and experience. However, the right pair of football boots can help guide you to success. There have been numerous advancements in football boot technology in recent years. These advancements include cushioned designs and textured uppers that help keep the ball right at your feet. In this list, we’ll be looking at the best football boots for leveling up your ball control.

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect for improving your first touch and dribbling. Whichever pair of boots you buy, be sure to keep training to level up your ball control. Here are the boots that we’ll be discussing on this list.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG - Soccer Cleats | Soccer Village - Ball Control Boots

The Nike Tiempo has been a staple for midfielders and playmakers for years. The Legend 9 is a welcome addition to Nike’s line-up. Nike has taken a refreshing new direction with the upper on the Legend 9 compared to previous models.

A soft kangaroo leather upper is lined with memory foam pads that help cushion the ball while playing. These memory foam pads are textured to help with precise dribbling. They also add more grip which helps refine your touch.

The Legend 9 is lighter than any previous Tempo model. Reduced weight will keep you light on your toes and ready to play the ball quickly. The Legend 9 is available in multiple take down models depending on your budget. For more details on the Nike Tiempo Legend 9, check out our review here.

Adidas Predator Freak

PREDATOR FREAK.1 LOW FG - SoccerWorld - SoccerWorld - Ball Control Boots

Adidas’ Predator Freak may be the most stand out boot on this list from an aesthetic standpoint. After all, it’s not often that you see dragon scales on a football boot.

However, the Demonskin upper on the predators is no joke. The rubber spikes completely cover the outsole, giving you maximal traction on the ball. Despite their minimal appearance, the rubber spikes are durable and can withstand intense gameplay.

Beneath the Demonskin spikes, you’ll find Adidas’ classic Primeknit textile. This will ensure you’ll have both comfort and lockdown while you boss the field.

Nike Premier 3

Nike Premier 3 Fg M AT5889-414 soccer shoes blue blue - KeeShoes - Ball Control Boots

You can’t get a more a simple design in a football boot than the Nike Premier 3. Since it’s inception the Premier has always been a boot that focuses on the basics. The upper is a soft kangaroo leather with minimal stitching and no frills.

Genuine leather provides such a unique feel when playing football. There is no synthetic material that can fully replicate that sensation. The leather on the Premier 3 also forms to your feet to give you maximum comfort.

The Premier 3 offers enough lockdown in the mid-foot while leaving sufficient room in the toe-box for comfort. At the end of the day, the most comfortable boot will help you play your best. Comfort is what you’ll get with the Premier 3.

Adidas Predator Edge Lethal Zones

Adidas Predator Edge LZ+ FG - Unite Football Pack | WeGotSoccer

The most recent iteration of the Predator Edge is a blast from the past. Featuring the same lethal zones from the 10 year old Predator LZ, the Predator Edge is perfect for giving you additional control on the ball.

The upper includes four distinct ribbed sections that help provide traction with the ball. Adidas states that the boots are designed to optimize swerve, power, control and dribbling. So these boots aren’t just great for close control, but also for free kicks and finishing.

Adidas have also included a power facet on the Predator Edge that helps redistribute weight to the front of the boot. This helps add more punch to your strikes. Similar to the other Predator Freak, the Edge features a primeknit collar around the upper to give you maximal lockdown and comfort.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Men's Copa Mundial Black/White | Adidas Soccer Shoes

I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning one of the most recognized boots of all times. The Copa Mundial has been used by some of the greatest midfielders of my generation, including Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham. With the timeless fit and feel of the Copas, it’s not hard to see why.

The premium kangaroo leather forms perfectly to your feet after just a few wears, making these one of the most comfortable boots on the market. Cushioning the ball is made so easy with the soft upper on the Copas. It may not have the same high tech as some of the other boots on this list, but it still holds up as far as performance goes.

The stud pattern is slightly less aggressive than other modern boots, but it still provides ample traction while playing. If you plan on copping a pair of the Copa Mundials, be sure to go a half size down as the leather stretches out after a few training sessions.

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