Nike Phantom GT 2 - Review

Nike Phantom GT 2 – Review

Nike Phantom GT 2 – Review

Nike makes the most popular football boots in the world. That being said, most attention often goes towards the coveted Mercurial. The Nike Phantom has only began to become more common place in recent years. This is for good reason, as the Phantom represents a great option for players looking for a certain fit and feel that the Mercurial doesn’t offer. The updated Phantom GT 2 also packs in several features that separates it from the original model. So in this review, we’ll be going over multiple aspects of the Nike Phantom GT 2 to see if it’s a good choice for you.

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New Textured Upper

Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

The upper on the Phantom GT2 is one of the things that makes this boot unique. It follows the original Phantom GT with a fresh update to the design. The upper has a distinct raised patterning to help create optimal spin and control the flight of the ball. This patterning provides more grip than almost any other boot on the market.

The lacing system on the Phantom GT2 is off-center which provides a larger strike zone for passing and shooting. Similar to the Vapor 14s, the Phantoms have Nike’s Flyknit material surrounding your foot to provide a minimal feel. The grippy texture across the top of the upper also helps with precision and ball control.

Fit and Feel

The Phantom GT 2 features Nike’s classic Flyknit upper. This upper stretches to the shape of your feet and provides a snug fit. The Phantom is also the only boot in Nike’s lineup with an off center lacing system. This design is intended to give you a more clean striking area. I’ve found that the Phantom GT 2 also runs slightly small, so you may want to try ordering a half-size up if you order a pair.

Another key aspect of the Phantom GT 2 is that it runs slightly wider in the mid-foot compared to other boots in the Nike lineup. So if the Mercurials feel a bit too snug, then you may find that the Phantom is more accommodating for your feet.

Off-Center Design

Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

Nike has focused on maintaining the asymmetric design in the Phantom GT 2. This is something you’ll notice as soon as you look at the boots. Both the lacing system and the stud pattern have an off-center alignment. I like the aesthetic of this design, as it helps make the boots stand out on feet. However, others may have have a different take on the more unique off-center design.

As previously mentioned, this off-center design allows for a larger striking area on the upper. In my experience, I appreciate the fact that the lacing system doesn’t infringe on the striking area of the boot. The design really helps emphasize your shooting sweet spot.

Aggressive Soleplate

Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

The Phantom GT 2 utilizes a split stud pattern configuration on the outsole of the boot. There are isolated sections of studs on the heel and forefoot that are connected by a thin strip of plastic. This design helps reduce the total weight of the sole plate, making the boots lighter and faster on feet.

The soleplate on the Phantom GT 2 doesn’t have quite the same aggression compared to the Mercurial Vapor. Although I tend to prefer the chevron studs on the Vapor 14, the studs on the Phantom GT 2 still provide plenty of traction when changing direction on the field.


When it comes to playability the Phantom GT 2 offers a unique experience compared to any other football boot. The upper has a raised texture that covers the entire boot. This texture provides additional grip when dribbling, shooting, and passing the ball. As you would expect, the Phantom GT 2 also feels quick and responsive on feet.

If you’re used to playing in other speedboots, you should feel comfortable with the Phantoms. Overall, they still have a similar feel to Mercurials. I would especially recommend checking out the Phantom GT 2 if you feel that other boots fit too tight through the mid-foot. The wider frame of the Phantom should allow your feet more space to move freely.


Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

Nike’s Phantom GT 2 has held up well across dozens of games and training sessions. The upper also manages to remain grippy after multiple wears in various conditions. The only issue I noticed regarding durability is that the sole plate has a potential to separate from the upper after extensive use. However the boots should be able to last at least a couple seasons without any major issues.

Value for Money

The Phantom GT 2 currently retails for about $250. However, you’ll often be able to find lower prices if you shop for sales. With the premium build quality and construction that comes with the Phantom GT 2, I would say it’s definitely worth the money if you can pick them up below retail.

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