best football boots for narrow feet

Best Football Boots for Narrow Feet

Best Football Boots for Narrow Feet

Everyone knows that it’s important to get the right fit when buying football boots. When your boots feel comfortable, you’ll be able to play to the best of your ability on the field. However, getting the right fit isn’t always easy. This is especially true for players who have more narrow feet. That’s why in this article, I’ll be going over the best football boots available for players with narrow feet.

This article should help give you an overview of how these boots fit and feel before you get a new pair. If you’re interested in boots for wider feet, check out our article on the Best Football Boots for Wide Feet. For all the latest football boots and gear, go to World Soccer Shop for the best prices online.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

Nike launched the first ever Mercurial in 1998, and the rest is history. Originally designed for and worn by Brazilian star Ronaldo, the Mercurials have since been worn by thousands of pros and casual players alike.

The Mercurials helped create the modern class of cleats known as ‘speed boots’. The Vapors earn that name because they are ridiculously quick. At just 6.5 ounces, the Mercurial Vapors are some of the lightest boots on the market. The Nike Aerotrak sole plate helps with speed by providing a springy feeling that encourages forward momentum.

The Mercurial Vapor 14s continue with the similar Flyknit upper that have featured on recent Mercurial models. This soft textile material makes the boots feel almost like a sock on your feet. It also helps provide a close barefoot sensation on the ball. Whether you’re a speedy winger, or just looking for the latest and greatest tech, the Vapor 14s are a great option.

Adidas X Speedflow.1

The Adidas X Speedflow may be one of the best boots thats currently on the market. Considering the competition (Nike Mercurial, Puma Ultra), that’s really saying something. Featuring a Primeknit collar and a cushioned heel, the X Speedflow delivers more comfort than any other speed boot available.

In addition to the soft upper, Adidas has included their Carbitex plate in the sole of the X Speedflow. This added technology provides a noticeable propulsive feel when running forward on the field. The stud pattern is aggressive to provide you with maximal traction when changing direction. Similar to most boots in the Adidas line-up, you can get a pair of X Speedflow in a regular or laceless design.

If you’re looking to get the best fit for your narrow feet, I would highly recommend getting the laced X Speedflow.1. The addition of the lacing system increases the lockdown and keeps the primeknit collar tight around your foot.

Puma Ultra 1.4

It may be surprising to see the Puma Ultra 1.4 on this list. This is because it was also included in our list of football boots for wide feet. The Ultra 1.4 makes this list because although there is ample width in the toe-box, the boot is quite narrow through the mid-foot. This means it’s also a good option for players with narrow feet.

The Ultra is Puma’s flagship speedboot model. Ever since its inception, the ultra has been a strong competitor in its category. The Puma Ultra is one of the lightest boots on the market at only 160 grams. That makes them even lighter than the Nike Mercurial Vapor and the Adidas X Speedflow.

It’s not just the light weight that makes the Ultra 1.4 great. The boots are covered in Puma’s grip control coating. This helps give you additional traction on the ball when dribbling and controlling the ball. The razor thin upper also gives you a minimalist barefoot sensation on the ball. If you want to see more details on the Puma Ultra 1.4, check out our full review here.

Mizuno Morelia Neo 3

If you’re looking for one of the most luxurious leather boots available, look no further than the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3. These boots are hand made in Japan using only the finest materials. The leather is extremely thin, making them the most light weight boots on this list. Every detail from the stitching to the insole is meticulously executed.

You may also notice that the Morelia Neo 3 is the only leather boots on this list. Leather boots are typically associated with a wider and more roomy fit. However, the Morelia Neo 3 is constructed more like speed boot than a traditional boot. The upper is tight and responsive, making it a great option for those with narrow feet.

These fine details on the Mizuno Morelia do come at a cost, as the boot retails for about $300. This makes the Morelia Neo 3 the most expensive boot on this list. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more for a quality boot that will last years, then it may be a worthwhile investment.

Puma Future Z 1.3

The Puma Future Z 1.3 represents the latest iteration of the Puma Future series. This model line has focused on perfecting both comfort and agility with its design. The soft and elastic upper has a sock-like sensation that forms to the shape of your foot instantaneously. With its flexible design, the Future Z 1.3 should fit most foot types as well.

3D textured zones have been placed on the forefoot of the ball to provide additional grip. This material helps give you more control over the ball in tight situations. The upper on these boots wraps your foot so closely that they can be worn with or without laces. Even if you choose to forgo laces, the Future Z 1.3 still offers great lockdown.

What makes the Future Z 1.3 great for narrow feet is the upper. The flexible material provides enough elasticity to fit a variety of foot shapes. If you want an even tighter feel around the mid-foot, I would recommend wearing laces with the Future Z 1.3 as well.

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