Puma Ultra 1.4 – Review

Puma Ultra 1.4 – Review

Puma is back with an update to the most popular speed boot in their lineup. The Puma Ultra 1.4 will be following in the footsteps of the very successful Ultra 1.3. The Ultra 1.3 was known for being the lightest speed boot on the market, and this standard is upheld with the latest model. This is one reason why the Ultra series has been so successful. In this review, we’ll analyze every aspect of the Puma Ultra 1.4 to see if it’s the right boot for you. You can also check out our review of the new Puma Ultra Ultimate to see how it compares to the Ultra 1.4.

Despite the great value, the Ultra 1.4 doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to quality. With similar speed boots from Nike and Adidas retailing for almost $100 more, the Ultra 1.4 makes a compelling case for one of the best speed boot deals on the market. If you’re looking for other great boots in the Puma line-up, check out our list of the Best Puma Football Boots of 2022.

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A Truly Barefoot Feel

Weighing in at just 160 grams, the Ultra 1.4s are the lightest speed boots available on the market. This also makes them even lighter than their record breaking predecessors.

This incredibly light weight design is achieved by utilizing a woven synthetic upper. This upper is extremely thin, which give you a barefoot feel on the ball when playing. Compared with competitors like the Nike Mercurial and the Adidas Speedflow, the Ultra 1.4 offers the most minimalistic feel when playing.

The boots are also layered with Puma’s Grip Control coating. This coating helps give added traction when dribbling and shooting. Although it’s subtle, I can definitely noticed the added affect when handling the ball.

Comfortable for Most Foot Types

The thin and slightly flexible upper means that the Ultra 1.4 can successfully accommodate most foot shapes. The mid-foot of the boot is relatively narrow and grips your foot. This gives the boot an almost sock-like feel. The boot widens slightly in the toe-box in order to provide additional room and comfort.

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Compared to other speed boots in this category the Ultra 1.4 sits between its competitors regarding fit. The Ultra 1.4 is slightly wider than the Nike Mercurial, yet slightly more narrow than the Adidas Speedflow.

For most players, the Ultra 1.4 will accommodate a healthy combination of lockdown as well as comfort. However, if you have particularly wide feet, the Adidas Speedflow may be a better option for you.

Lightweight but Still Durable

With lightweight and minimal boots, durability can definitely be a concern. Despite being extremely thin, the synthetic upper on the Ultra 1.4s feels strong and sturdy. The flexibility of the upper also helps prevent damage when the boot inevitably stretches after multiple uses.

Football shoes Puma Ultra 1.4 MxSG

The sole plate of the Ultra 1.4 is adhered securely to the boot with careful precision. This will help the soleplate remain glued to the upper over time. That being said, the thin upper on the Ultra 1.4 means that your feet will also be more exposed to the elements.

Along with feeling every touch on the ball, you will also feel every tackle from your opponents. The Ultra 1.4 won’t offer much protection should your foot be stepped on during a game. This might still be a worthwhile tradeoff for players who want the lightest boot on the market.

Best Value Speed Boot

Coming in at just under $200. The Puma Ultra 1.4 is the most affordable speed boot on the market. At that price, the Ultra 1.4 still delivers premium materials and construction. This makes the Ultra 1.4 not just a great speed boot, but one of the best value boots on the market.

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