Adidas Copa Icon – Review

Adidas Copa Icon

Adidas have introduced a brand new boot into their line-up. The Adidas Copa Icon dropped just in time for the 2022 World Cup, and it may look a bit familiar. That’s because the Copa Icon bears a striking resemblance to the original Copa Mundial. It also looks strikingly similar to the Copa 19.1 that was released a few years ago. In this review, we’ll be covering all of the new features of the Adidas Copa Icon to see if it’s the right boot for you. We’ll also compare the Copa Icon to other leather boots on the market to see how it fairs against the competition.

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Iconic Copa Upper

Adidas Copa Icon - Review

The Copa Icon finally brings back the nostalgic three stripes that fans haven’t seen in several years. Adidas have implemented a soft kangaroo leather across the toe-box, while the mid-foot is constructed with a synthetic material.

This design is based off of the original Copa Mundial, with the only notable omission being the removal of the foldable tongue. Another noticeable change is the volume of leather used throughout the toe-box. Adidas have gone for a more padded design with thick layers of kangaroo leather.

Fit and Feel

Adidas Copa Icon - Review

The Copa Icon has a slightly different fit compared to any boot that’s currently in the Adidas line-up. The mid-foot feels snug, while the toe-box expands to allow more room. You can feel the padding and bulk of the Copa Icon as soon as you put them on. They certainly don’t have a minimal feeling on feet, but some players may appreciate the added protection and thickness of the boot.

The leather feels soft and flexible to the touch, as you would expect. Despite the upper being heavily padded, the boots don’t feel overly stiff while moving around. They’re easy to slip in to and they still feel reasonably light on feet coming in at just 246 grams.

Revamped Soleplate

Adidas have decided to use a familiar soleplate in the new Copa Icon. They went with the same soleplate that was originally used in the previous Adidas Nemeziz model. This outsole is lightweight and covered with 11 half-moon shaped studs. The soleplate provides more traction than the original design of the Copa Mundial, due to sharper edges on the studs.

That being said, you can still get a more aggressive outsole on the X Speedportal. Adidas also haven’t implemented their carbitex soleplate in the Copa Icon, which may be disappointing for some players.

Similarities with the Copa Mundial

Adidas have done their best to modernize and improve upon the original Copa Mundial. Unfortunately, that’s very difficult to do. The Copa Mundial is one of the most celebrated football boots of all time for a reason. Although the Copa Icon does excel in a few areas, it can’t stack up to a few key aspects of the Copa Mundial.

Firstly, the leather on the Copa Mundial is softer and feels slightly higher quality. Additionally, the upper on the Copa Mundial is entirely kangaroo leather, while the Copa Icon only has a partial leather upper. This also results in the Copa Mundials having a more comfortable fit on feet as well. For players with wider feet, the Copa Mundial is simply a more accommodating boot.

Stylistically, the Copa Icon does have a slight edge in my opinion. The white and gold color way looks absolutely stunning, and I also think the boots look clean with the minimal tongue and more modern lacing system. At the end of the day, whether you like the look of the boot just comes down to personal preference.

Compared with Other Leather Football Boots

It’s never been a better time to pick up a quality pair of leather football boots. That means that the Copa Icon has a lot of competition within this space. The biggest competition may be coming from Nike, who offer both the Premier 3 and the Tiempo Legend 9.

The Nike Premier 3 is much more basic than the Copa Icon, with fewer elements on the upper and a much simpler sole plate. However, it also comes at almost half the price. So If you’re just looking to get an affordable kangaroo leather football boot, the Premier 3 may be the best option on the market.

The Tiempo Legend 9 comes in at roughly the same price as the Copa Icon, so it’s easier to make comparisons between these two boots. Considering what both of these boots offer, it’s hard to recommend the Icon over the Tiempos. The Tiempo Legend 9 is lighter, more comfortable, and has a more modern sole plate. While the Icon is still a solid boot, it’s important to consider the other options on the market.

Pricing and Value

The Copa Icon is currently selling for a retail price of $180. This is solid value, as it’s cheaper than most of the flagship models that are currently on the market. However, you can still pick up the original Copa Mundial for $30 less. If you’re into the modern look of the Copa Icon, I think it may be a great option for you. If you’re just looking for a comfortable and reliable leather football boot, the classic Copa Mundial will still serve you well.

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