New Balance 442 V2 Pro – Review


New Balance 442 V2 Pro Review

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to break in the New Balance 442 V2 Pro football boots.

These boots have truly surprised me with their quality and performance, especially considering their affordable price tag.

In this review, I’ll be diving into the design, build quality, and playability of the 442 V2 Pro. I’ll also compare them to similar football boots in the market.

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Where to Buy

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One of the first things you’ll notice about the New Balance 442 V2 Pro boots is their design. They feature a full kangaroo leather upper, which feels incredibly soft to the touch.

The kangaroo leather extends from the toe box to the heel, providing a luxurious feel throughout. The New Balance logos, both on the inside and outside of the boot, add a stylish touch.

The lacing system is traditional, with a synthetic tongue that may feel flimsy at first but performs well during play.

Build Quality

New Balance 442 V2 Pro

I was truly impressed with the build quality of these boots. The meticulous stitching near the toe box gives them a premium look and rivals even the renowned Copa Mundial boots.

The entire upper feels sturdy and well-constructed, leaving no room for any cheap components. The thin and modern laces are a nice addition, providing a minimalist feel.

The soleplate, which appears simple at first glance, is surprisingly lightweight and rigid, offering excellent support and a snappy sensation on the field.


New Balance 442 V2 Pro

The 442s are lightweight and roomy when it comes to playability. They slip on easily, and their weight is noticeably lighter than other leather boots I own.

Despite the padded appearance, the boots offer a roomy toe box, providing ample space for comfortable movement.

New Balance football boots are generally wider than those from other brands, making them a great choice for players with wider feet. Additionally, the boots offer a wide variation option for even more space in the toe box.

The lockdown of the boots is exceptional, thanks to the great lacing system and the thin, form-fitting tongue. As you tighten the laces, the tongue wraps around your foot, creating a secure and locked-in feel.

During play, the first touch with these boots is incredibly soft and comfortable. While they may not offer a barefoot feel like some other models, the pillowy touch allows for precise control when dribbling, passing, and shooting.

The boots also provide sufficient traction on the ball, ensuring stability and accuracy in your strikes.


New Balance 442 V2 Pro

Overall, I have been thoroughly impressed with the New Balance 442 V2 Pro football boots. They offer a remarkable combination of quality, performance, and affordability.

However, I did experience some pressure around the heel area while I was training. This is something I often notice when testing our new football boots.

New Balance could have included a slightly softer heel counter and added more heel padding to avoid this issue. That being said, after a few sessions, any heel pain should go away.


To wrap up, the New Balance 442 V2 Pro football boots have exceeded my expectations. They provide a comfortable and luxurious feel with their kangaroo leather upper, while the premium construction ensures durability.

The lightweight and rigid soleplate enhances performance on the field, giving you a snappy and responsive experience. Despite a minor issue with pressure around the heel, these boots offer great value for money.

If you’re in the market for an affordable pair of football boots without compromising on quality, I highly recommend checking out the New Balance 442 V2 Pro.

That’s it for today’s review. I hope you found this information helpful in making an informed decision about the New Balance 442 V2 Pro football boots.

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