Adidas Predator Accuracy – Review

A New Look Predator

Adidas have reinvented their famous predator football boot once again. This time around, they’ve done an amazing job. The all new Predator Accuracy gets almost everything right.

For many players, the previous Adidas Predator Edge wasn’t their favorite choice. Although it had unique rubber elements to give you tons of traction, the upper just didn’t have the feel of a premium football boot. It was too stiff, and too bulky.

Adidas have done well to address these concerns and others with the new Predator Accuracy. In this review, we’ll be taking you through all of the new features of the Adidas Predator Accuracy to see if it’s a good fit for you.

For a quick overview of the boot’s key features, check out the short video above. For more video content, subscribe to the Upper 90 youtube channel as well.

Hybrid Touch Upper

As mentioned previously, the rigid upper was a cause for concern on last year’s Predator Edge. In the new Predator Accuracy, Adidas have brought back their Hybrid Touch upper.

This isn’t actually new. Hybrid Touch was first used in the Predator LZ more than 10 years ago. It was created to be a synthetic replacement for leather that could provide comparable comfort and performance.

Some of the replacements for Hybrid Touch have shown that newer isn’t always better. This material is a welcome return on the new Predator Accuracy. The upper feels thinner, softer, and much more comfortable.

Enhanced Rubber Elements

Adidas have also redesigned the rubber elements that have become a mainstay in the Predator lineup. On the inside of the foot, there’s a high concentration of really sticky rubber pieces that will help give you more traction when curling the ball.

Then on the outside of the foot, Adidas have decided to go with a more subtle texturing that isn’t quite as aggressive. Reducing the sticky rubber elements to just the inside of the boot seems to make sense.

Unless you’re constantly hitting trivelas (outside the foot shots), having excess rubber on the outside of the boots isn’t necessary.

Most importantly, these rubber elements aren’t just a gimmick. Compared to boots with a more sleek surface, you can absolutely notice a difference when adding spin to shots and long passes. Just don’t expect to turn into Beckham overnight.

Primeknit Collar

One area that remains largely unchanged with the Predator Accuracy is the Primeknit collar. This element of the boot is more or less the same as what we saw in last year’s model.

This collar is elasticated, providing a nice amount of stretch as it wraps around your foot. The predator is a pretty spacious boot on the inside, so this collar plays the important role of helping to secure your foot in the boot.

In place of a traditional lacing system, the Primeknit collar runs straight through the center of the boot. Thankfully, the collar isn’t so tight that it’s impossible to put the boots on. However it still provides a snug feeling.

Aggressive Outsole

Another element that remains largely unchanged compared to the previous model is the Power Facet outsole. This split outsole is aggressive and has really sharp angular studs. These studs provide aggressive traction for firm ground surfaces.

This outsole has a wider base than other Adidas models, and this contributes to the Predator Accuracy weighing considerably more than the streamlined X Speedportal. However, many players may appreciate having a wider fitting boot.

As the expression goes; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Adidas made the right choice keeping this soleplate unchanged from previous models.

Wide Fitting

For several years, the Predator has been one of the widest fitting boots in the Adidas lineup. The only wider boot coming from the three stripes is the Copa Mundial. This trend continues with the Predator Accuracy.

Not only is the boot wide across the midfoot, but the Hybrid Touch upper and the Primeknit collar can stretch to accommodate almost any foot type.

If you’re looking to pick up the Predator Accuracy, I would recommend buying true to size. If you’ve ever bought Adidas boots in the past, these should fit comfortably in the same size.

Laceless & High Cut Option

In keeping with recent tradition, Adidas is offering the new Predator Accuracy in both high cut and laceless variations. These boots both have their unique advantages and disadvantages compared to the Predator Accuracy.1.

The high cut model will provide additional lockdown, as the elasticated collar is extended higher up the ankle. This will slightly reduce mobility compared to the lower cut model, but it’s not a noticeable difference in fit and feel.

The laceless Predator Accuracy+ will provide a fairly different playing experience compared to the laced model. Due to the lack of a lacing system, the upper has more rubber elements to give you additional traction when striking the ball.

There is slightly less lockdown in the laceless model, but the elasticated collar is tight enough that your foot still stays in place while running.

Final Thoughts

The Predator Accuracy has put the Predator series back on track. This boot is a noticeable improvement upon its predecessor. If you’re looking for a boot that provides a lot of traction on the upper and has a wide fitting base, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Predator Accuracy.

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