Adidas X Speedportal - Review

Adidas X Speedportal – Review

Adidas X Speedportal – Review

The X Speedflow is one of the best boots that Adidas has ever released. There’s a reason the speedflow is worn by some of the best players in world football. So how do you improve on a boot is already almost perfect? Adidas have tried to answer that question with the release of the X Speedportal. Although this boot shares many similarities to its predecessor, there are a few key areas where it’s different. In this review, we’ll be going over the new features of the Adidas X Speedportal to see if it’s worth the upgrade.

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Speedskin 2.0

Adidas X Speedportal - Review

When it comes to the updated Speedskin 2.0 upper, you’ll notice that there are a lot of similarities to the previous model. The upper is made of a soft, textured synthetic that wraps comfortably around your foot.

The laced Speedportal.1 does have a slightly thicker upper and a more rigid plastic coating. In contrast, the laceless Speedportal+ is thinner, softer, and has a more sock-like sensation on feet. While the primeknit material on the Speedportal+ is remarkably comfortable, it’s not very tight around the ankle. This results in a slight loss of responsiveness while playing.

Speedframe 2.0

Adidas X Speedportal - Review

The Speedframe outsole was one of the most technically impressive aspects of the previous Speedflow model. The key element behind this Speedframe is the Carbitex plate that sits on the bottom of the outsole. This plate provides an energy return by springing back into place with every step you take.

This added responsiveness felt great with the previous X Speedflow, and it still feels great with the new X Speedportal. I tend to find the added responsiveness more noticeable in the laced X Speedportal.1, due to the increased lockdown. The Speedframe remains one of the most unique and impressive features on the X Speedportal line.

Updated Heel Liner

Green X Speedportal+ Firm Ground Cleats LVG43

Adidas has redeveloped the cushioned heal liner that was a mainstay on previous speedboot models. Previous boots in the X series have had had two distinct pillows on either side of the heel. In the X Speedportal, Adidas have added significantly more cushioning to the heel liner, creating one continuous section of padding.

The liner material feels soft to the touch, which makes it comfortable on feet. Adidas has also added sections of rubber to the liner in order to add grip and reduce heel slippage. This should ultimately help you avoid getting blisters after playing in the boots for an extended period of time.

High Speed Stability Wing

Adidas has pushed the new carbon stability wing a lot in their marketing of the X Speedportal. The idea behind adding the wings is that they should be able to provide a heel counter that increases stability and adds responsiveness. This is a novel idea in theory, although these claims may be an overstatement from Adidas.

There is already a rigid internal heal liner in the X Speedportal. This internal lining adds all of the responsiveness that you’ll need in the heel of the boot. Therefore it’s unlikely that these external wings do anything for stability. That being said, they do provide a unique aesthetic to the boot which I think looks great.


Playability has always been a strong point for the boots in Adidas’ X series. The X Speedportals still have a remarkably close touch on the ball due to the thin Speedskin 2.0 upper. Adidas have also slightly increased the width of the toe-box area. This allows for your toes to spread out while playing, which is something I appreciate as someone with wide feet.

The bladed studs on the outsole help provide traction for quick and efficient changes in direction. The Carbitex insert also provides that signature snappy responsiveness with every step. Adidas’ new heel liner also adds to the general comfort while playing.

The X Speedportal isn’t quite as light as it’s predecessor, weighing in at 189 grams. However, it’s still much lighter than alternatives such as the Predator Edge. My main gripe with the playability of the the X Speedportal is that it isn’t a major improvement over the X Speedflow. Both the laced and the laceless models in the Speedflow line provided an excellent fit and feel. Some may even prefer the slightly more responsive sensation of the previous model. If you currently own a pair of X Speedflows, I wouldn’t be rushing to upgrade.

Laceless X Speedportal +

Adidas have put a lot of time and energy into nailing their laceless designs. The laceless X Speedflow+ from last year was arguably the greatest laceless boot ever designed. So what have Adidas done to improve on the laceless design?

Well the notable changes include the thinner upper and the revised heel liner. These changes ultimately contribute to make the boot feel more sock-like. I would go as far to say that these are the most comfortable laceless boots i’ve ever seen. While the increased comfort is great, it should be noted that the wider toe-box and the increased heel cushioning have decreased the overall responsiveness of the boot. This just means that it’s slightly less aggressive than its predecessor.

Laced or Laceless

When evaluating the differences between the laced and laceless models, the main difference for me is in the lockdown. If you’re looking for the most responsive experience possible, you’ll want to go with the laced X Speedportal.1. You just can’t beat the lockdown on a traditional lacing system.

If you’re looking for a lightweight design and minimal construction, then the laceless X Speedportal+ may be the best choice for you. It all depends on what features you value most in your football boots.

Value for Money

There’s no way around it, these are expensive football boots. you’ll need almost $250 to order the X Speedportal.1, and another $30 on top of that for the laceless model. For that money, you’re getting the latest tech and the best materials that Adidas has to offer. Even at their high price point, these are still great football boots.

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