Nike Premier 3 vs Adidas Copa Mundial

Nike Premier 3 vs Adidas Copa Mundial

If you’re looking for a premium leather football boot, the Nike Premier 3 and the Adidas Copa Mundial are two of the best options.

They both offer premium build quality and an extremely comfortable experience. In this article, we’ll be comparing Nike Premier 3 vs the Adidas Copa Mundial to see which is the best for you.

I have had the opportunity to play in both of these boots over the past two years. This has helped me understand where these boots succeed and where they can be improved.

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Nike Premier 3

Adidas Copa Mundial


Nike Premier III

Nike Premier vs Adidas Copa Mundial

The soft kangaroo leather is the star of the show with the Premier 3. Compared to other popular leather cleats like the Copa Mundial and Tiempo Legend, the Premiers have the softest leather I have ever felt in a football boot.

The stitching throughout the upper is minimal, which helps create a smooth surface for striking the ball.

In addition to the classic black and white design, Nike has created several new colorways for the Premier 3. You will be able to buy the boots in University Red, Signal Blue, and Pure Platinum. For a full review of the Nike Premier 3, check out the following article.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Nike Premier vs Adidas Copa Mundial

There are few things more iconic to football than the three stripes embroidered on the Copa Mundial. The design of these boots is simple while maintaining great execution. The build quality is a stand out, even among modern boots.

The sole plate features short conical studs that fare well on natural grass, but also perform decent on artificial grass pitches. The upper is full kangaroo leather all the way up through the tongue.

As someone who has played in many different leather boots, the leather used in the Copa Mundial is top tier. The lacing system is classic and provides great lockdown. However, it should be noted that the laces are longer than most other boots.

I had to wrap the laces around the midfoot due to the extra length. This was crucial, as it prevented me from tripping over the excess laces. For a full review of the Adidas Copa Mundial, check out the following article.

Fit & Feel

Nike Premier III

Nike Premier vs Adidas Copa Mundial

With most football boots, you have to endure a break in process before they finally fit your feet. I can say that with the Nike Premier 3, they feel as good as they ever will straight out of the box. This is due to the upper being crafted with high quality kangaroo leather.

The Premier 3 is also a great option for wide-footed players, as the leather can stretch across the midfoot and toe-box. The lacing provides great lockdown to make sure the boot is tight where you need it to be.

The Premier 3 is very accommodating, regardless of your foot type. I recommend going true to size if you decide to order your own pair.

Adidas Copa Mundial

As mentioned previously, the kangaroo leather upper on the Copa Mundials is comfortable straight out of the box.

This comfort only increases as you continue to wear them over time. The leather stitching on the Copas runs across the toe-box to allow the boot to stretch and form to your foot.

The boots will also stretch a lot in size as you wear them. I got a half size down and still have a decent amount of room towards the front of the boot.

In order to get the best fit, I would suggest you order at least a half size down from what you normally wear. You want the boots to fit as tight as possible when you first put them on, because they are guaranteed to stretch.


Nike Premier III

The Nike Premier 3 FG Firm-Ground Soccer Cleats

The Premier 3 is a solid choice for playing on artificial grass fields due to the conical studs on the soleplate.

The rounded shape of the studs make them less likely to get stuck on the turf and result in injury. So if you’re a player who plays on a mix of FG and AG fields, the Premier is a great option from a safety standpoint.

The studs on the Premier 3 are short compared to the studs on most other boots. This will make them slightly less aggressive for accelerating and changing direction, but the difference shouldn’t be noticeable for most players.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial Firm Ground Review 2022, Facts, Deals ($135) | RunRepeat

When looking at the sole plate of the Copa Mundials, you’ll see three smaller studs securing the toe of the boot.

This small detail really helps with the durability of the boots. Too often, I have to discard boots because the soft upper separates from the sole plate. These three studs help keep the boot intact for multiple seasons.

Although the sole plate on the Copa Mundial is similar to that of the Premier 3, it definitely has the edge when it comes to build quality. I noticed this first hand, as the soleplate on the Copas lasted longer for me compared to the Premiers.


Regarding playability, both the Copa Mundial and the Premier 3 are a joy to wear on the pitch. The kangaroo leather gives these boots standout comfort and a natural touch on the ball. There is next to no break-in time with either of these boots.

I got used to training in them very quickly. They also provide more protection on feet during games when compared to more minimal options.

Value for Money

The Premier 3 seems to be the clear winner in this category, coming in at just $109 compared to the Copa Mundial at $149.

Although, the Copa Mundial may have a slight edge when it comes to build quality. Both of these boots are solid value plays when you consider you’re getting a full kangaroo leather upper for well under $200.

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with either of these football boots. They both offer great value and a unique playing experience.

If you’re looking for a more modern design and feel, the Premier 3 may be the best option. If you have wider feet and want something with slightly better build quality, I would check out the Copa Mundial.

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