Adidas X Craxyfast+ Review

Adidas X Crazyfast: New & Nostalgia Combined

Adidas X CrazyFast+ Review

Adidas has recently launched its latest top-end speed boot, the X Crazyfast+, marking a significant departure from its previous releases.

In this review, I’ll be sharing my experience with these boots, covering their design, build quality, and innovative features.

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Now, let’s dive straight into the review!

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Design: A Step into the Past

Adidas X Craxyfast+ Review

The first thing that catches your eye with the X Crazyfast+ is its strikingly thin appearance. Constructed with Adidas’s new Aeropacity speed skin plus technology, the upper is almost translucent, giving it a futuristic and lightweight look.

This makes it the lightest football boot on the market, surpassing both the Puma Ultra Ultimate and the New Balance Furon V7 Pro. Additionally, the X Crazyfast+ stands out with its standalone tongue, a rare feature in modern speed boots.

This minimalist tongue design takes us back to the iconic F50 from 2010, reflecting Adidas’s return to classic ideas.

Alongside the thin upper, plush heel liners provide lockdown and prevent blisters during intense matches. The Aerocage, bordering the inside of the boot, adds both structure and support.

Build Quality: Embracing Minimalism

Adidas X Craxyfast+ Review

The woven synthetic speed skin plus upper feels surprisingly robust, considering its thinness. It is less flimsy than the Puma Ultra Ultimate’s upper, ensuring it can last through a season.

However, the tongue might feel somewhat cheap due to its thin construction, but it does not compromise the boot’s overall quality. The main concern for many players would be its vulnerability to slide tackles and studs on the field, given its thinness.

Players who watched the Premier League last season might remember the Puma Ultra’s uppers getting torn apart after being stepped on. While the X Crazyfast+ shares a similar minimalistic approach, it appears to execute it better, delivering a barefoot feel without sacrificing too much durability.

Comfort: A Unique Fit with Customizability

Adidas X Craxyfast+ Review

The X Crazyfast+ offers a surprising and unique fit, accommodating wider feet towards the toe box, unlike most modern speed boots.

Sizing is accurate, and the boots wrap comfortably around the mid-foot, providing a secure feel. The centralized lacing system and separated tongue offer customizability, allowing players to adjust the fit to their preference.

Despite the thinness of the synthetic material, the soleplate retains its snappiness, delivering a true barefoot sensation. However, players may not find ample protection in these boots, as they are designed for a minimalistic feel.

Value Proposition: The Pinnacle of Lightweight Speed Boots

At $300 USD, the X Crazyfast+ stands as one of the most expensive football boots on the market, surpassing the offerings of Nike, New Balance, and Puma. However, for those seeking the lightest and thinnest speed boot possible, along with the classic standalone tongue, the X Crazyfast+ is in a class of its own.

Nevertheless, the competition for speed boots is fierce, and players on a budget can explore alternatives like the New Balance Furon V7 Pro, which offers a similar lightweight design at a more affordable price.

Conclusion: A Triumph in the Realm of Speed Boots

In conclusion, Adidas has produced an exceptional speed boot with the X Crazyfast+. The sleek design reminiscent of the classic F50 and the comfortable fit make it stand out as a top-tier speed boot.

While the $300 price tag may deter some players, those seeking a truly barefoot feel on the pitch will find value in these boots.

The X Crazyfast+ has redefined the boundaries of lightweight speed boots and sets a new standard for the future of football footwear.

Have you tried the new X Crazyfast+? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know your favorite speed boots. Thank you for reading, and I’ll catch you in the next review!

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