Puma Ultra Ultimate - Review

Puma Ultra Ultimate – Review

Puma Ultra Ultimate – Review

Puma has officially left their mark on 2022 with the release of the Ultra Ultimate football boot. So how does this highly anticipated new release compare to the competition from Nike and Adidas? We’ll be sure to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Puma Ultra Ultimate to see where it stands among other top speed boots. In this review we’ll cover all the new features of the Puma Ultra Ultimate to see if it’s the right boot for you.

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Ultra Weave Upper

Puma Ultra Ultimate - Review

The Ultra Weave upper on the Ultimate feels extremely light on feet. This has been a consistent feature with Puma’s Ultra series, which is why they’re the lightest boots available on the market. The material used is extremely pliable and thin as well. Although it may have a plastic feeling coming out of the box, this upper quickly softens and molds to the shape of your foot.

Puma has made another key aesthetic change to the boot, bringing back the iconic form strip logo on the side of the upper. This is the same logo that was featured on Puma’s speed boots from several years ago, and it helps give these boots a more retro feel.

Power Print Texture

Puma Ultra Ultimate - Review

Puma have added their new Power Print texture to the Ultra Ultimate upper as well. This new coating is more matte and less grippy compared to what was used in the previous Puma Ultra 1.4. I think this is a great update from Puma, as the new texture feels more natural while dribbling the ball.

Due to the razor thin upper and and the Power Print coating, the first touch on the ball is crisp and clean. When striking the ball, the boots have a truly barefoot sensation. This helps give you all of the responsiveness that you expect from a speedboot.

Tight Lockdown

As you would expect from a top of the line speed boot, the Ultra Ultimate has great lockdown. The boot runs narrow through the mid-foot, which helps ensure a snug fit. There isn’t a traditional tongue on the Ultra Ultimate, but instead an elasticated portion of the upper that runs across your foot. The stretchy material as well as the integrated lacing system help keep your foot secure.

Puma have also added a new Nano Grip texture to the insole of the boot. This unique design helps adhere the foot to the inside of the boot. The added grip here is helpful because it reduces slippage between your sock and the insole of the Ultra.


The Ultra Ultimate is a joy to play in, and it gives you all the sensations you would expect from a high end speed boot. As mentioned, the touch on the ball is crisp and the boots provide a barefoot sensation when dribbling.

If you’re looking for a demonstration of how the boots look on the field, Jay Mike did a great video going over some key features of the new Ultra Ultimate. You can check out his full video from unisport below.

Expanded Toe-box

The Ultra Ultimate may be a snug fitting boot, but Puma have actually expanded the toe-box slightly compared to their last model. This is great for players with wider feet who are still looking to get a comfortable experience from a pair of speed boots. Overall, the Ultra Ultimate should fit most players comfortably. I recommend ordering true to size to get the best fit possible.

Heel Power Strip

In order to give the Ultra Ultimate more heel stability, Puma have incorporated Power Tape strips on the back of the boot. This helps give the boots more structure on feet. It also reduces the possibility of your heel slipping out of the boot when running at high speeds.

Hybrid Sole Plate

Puma have maintained a hybrid FG/AG stud pattern for the Ultra Ultimate, which is similar to what they have used in previous models. However, they have also added new tech to the sole plate which helps it compete with the likes of the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial and the Adidas X Speedportal.

This sole plate is composed of two different types of plastic, one that’s hard and rigid and another that’s soft. The rigid material provides responsiveness and propulsion while running, while the softer material helps absorb the impacts with the ground. Puma has also incorporated aggressive chevron studs into the sole plate. These studs provide more than enough traction to help keep you explosive on the field.

Value for Money

When it come to value for money, there is nothing that comes close to the Puma Ultra Ultimate. You can pick up the Ultra Ultimate for a retail price of $199.99. This is more than $50 less than comparable speed boots from Nike and Adidas. Despite the Ultra being a cheaper alternative, you’re still getting the best materials and build quality that Puma has to offer. For that reason, the Ultra Ultimate is one of the best value speed boots on the market today.

If you’re looking for other boots that are great quality for the money, check out our article of the Best Cheap Football Boots.


Puma have made some great improvements with the new Ultra Ultimate. The high tech features of the boot rival what’s been recently implemented by both Nike and Adidas. Most importantly, the new Ultra checks all the boxes you would want from a great speed boot. It’s light, fast, aggressive, and comfortable. The Ultra Ultimate would be a solid option for any player looking for great value and performance in a new speed boot.

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