Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro Review

A New Era for the Iconic Football Boot

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro – Review

I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the Nike Tiempo series. With its rich history spanning over three decades, the Tiempos are also one of the most popular boots of all time.

However, the latest Nike Tiempo Legend 10 brings forth a monumental change. For the first time ever, the Tiempo will no longer feature a leather upper.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro

Embracing Change: A Synthetic Shift

The iconic Tiempos have always been synonymous with premium leather craftsmanship. The Legend 10 marks a departure from this tradition with a brand new upper.

For the first time ever, Nike has chosen to go fully synthetic with their fly touch Pro material. This change raises a multitude of questions about how it will impact the overall performance and experience of the boots.

Thankfully, Nike has executed this synthetic upper to feel similar to traditional leather.

Aesthetic Appeal and Enhanced Comfort

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro Review

Presented in a striking white and Crimson colorway, the Legend 10 Pro boasts a modern design that captures attention.

Nike’s reputation for delivering eye-catching color schemes remains intact, promising more exciting options in the pipeline. The shift to synthetic materials hasn’t compromised the visual appeal of the boots.

The fly touch Pro material, hailed as engineered leather, aims to replicate the softness of natural leather. Fly touch accurately mimics the look of leather, including its grained texture.

Upon examination, the material holds its own, and its tactile resemblance to traditional leather is noticeable.

The introduction of a new knit inner sleeve running from the heel to the tongue is a significant upgrade from the previous Legend 9.

This stretchy textile material provides a snug fit similar to the sensation of a sock, offering improved lockdown and comfort.

Precision Engineering: The Upper Details

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro Review

The Legend 10 Pro showcases a textured pattern on the fly touch material. This emulates the look of natural leather. Micro dots have also been added to the upper for enhanced ball traction while dribbling and passing.

Additionally, the memory foam pods featured in the Legend 9 have been replaced by thin, semi-circle strips, prioritizing a lightweight feel without compromising softness.

External heel counters continue to contribute to a secure fit during movement.

On the Pitch Performance

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro Review

Transitioning to the playing field, the Legend 10 Pro proves itself as a worthy successor to its leather-clad predecessors.

The thinner synthetic upper offers a distinct Barefoot feel on the ball, a departure from the plush, padded sensation that leather provides.

This adjustment might not suit everyone’s preferences, but it does deliver a minimalist touch that some players might appreciate.

The micro dots on the upper are more than just a gimmick, lending extra traction and stickiness to the ball, especially in maneuvers like curved shots and passes.

The elasticated tongue, a hallmark of the Legend 9, continues to excel in providing a consistent fit and lockdown. This unique feature ensures a secure fit regardless of how the boots are laced, giving you peace of mind.

Adapting to Change

Nike’s decision to transition from leather to synthetic might raise concerns among enthusiasts. However, the evolution of the Legend series is accompanied by a promise of durability and adaptability.

The fly touch material aims to offer the benefits of leather without the risk of overstretching. While some players might miss the genuine leather feel, the Legend 10 Pro caters to those seeking a more minimalistic, lightweight experience.

For those who hold steadfast to their love of leather, the Legend 9 is still available for purchase, ensuring that options remain open for purists.

Value and Affordability

In terms of value for money, the Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro stands out as an attractive proposition.

Priced at $140, the Legend 10 Pro offers a feature set almost identical to the premium Legend 10 Elite model, making it a cost-effective alternative.

Nike’s decision to keep the price consistent with the previous generation is commendable, particularly in an era of rising boot prices.

Final Thoughts

The Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Pro represents a significant shift for the iconic football boot series. Embracing synthetic materials challenges tradition, but it also opens up new possibilities for performance and comfort.

While the change from leather might not suit everyone’s preferences, the Legend 10 Pro offers a unique Barefoot feel on the ball and delivers a secure, locked-in fit.

As a long-time Tiempo fan, I find the Legend 10 Pro’s evolution to be a step in the right direction, catering to both those who seek tradition and those who embrace innovation.

Whether you’re a loyalist or an open-minded player looking for a lightweight experience, the Legend 10 Pro is worth trying on for size.

After all, the spirit of the Tiempo series has always been about adaptation and evolution, and the Legend 10 Pro stays true to that ethos.

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