Best Indoor Football Shoes

Best Indoor Football Shoes

Every footballer needs to have a reliable pair of indoor shoes. For a lot of people, well maintained natural grass fields are hard to come by. That’s why so many players train indoors or on the streets. When playing on hard surfaces, indoor football shoes provide a flat outsole that can give you optimal traction. So in this article, we’ll be going over the best indoor football shoes to help you train in any condition.

Criteria for Indoor Shoes

There’s certain characteristics that you’ll want to look for when selecting an indoor football shoe. Below are some of the key elements that we focused on when making this list.

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Traction
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Value

Nike React Gato

First on our list is the Nike React Gato. The Gato is one of the most premium indoor shoes on the market right now. Nike utilizes a variation of their flyknit technology to make a truly one of a kind upper.

The flyknit is reinforced with kevlar threads and react foam to provide a comfortable fit while playing. This kevlar reinforced design is similar to what Nike used in their popular Magista Obra 2 football boot. An elasticated one-piece design means that you’ll also get an almost sock-like sensation when wearing these shoes.

The outsole on the Gato is flexible, durable, and provides more than enough traction when playing on hard surfaces. Whether you’re playing indoors or out on the street, the Gato will help you perform well in any condition. The Nike React Gato retails for $139.99, making it the most expensive shoe on this list. However, the premium materials and construction help justify the price tag.

Nike Premier III Indoor

The Nike Premier III FG boot is one of the best boots on the market, especially for players looking for a classic design and reliable construction. It’s no surprise that the indoor variation of the Premier III is also a great shoe.

Similar to the FG model, the Premier III Indoor has a premium kangaroo leather upper that spans across the mid-foot. This material fits extremely well and molds to the shape of your feet very quickly. The Premier III also comes with a vintage fold over tongue that you have the option of keeping or removing with scissors.

The rubber sole is grippy and aggressive, making it great for changing directions in close quarters. At just $94.99, the Premier III Indoor shoes are really great value for money. They should also be durable enough to last you multiple seasons.

Adidas Mundial Goal

Indoor/court shoes adidas Mundial Goal IN -

Nothing looks more classic than the three stripes on the Adidas Copa Mundial. Following the framework of the Copas, Adidas have created the Mundial Goal. This indoor variation of the boot provides a lot of the benefits that you get from the original Copa Mundials.

The main highlights of this shoe are the soft kangaroo leather upper and the durable construction. A split-suede upper is used to give the shoes maximal comfort in the toe-box area. A specially designed gum rubber outsole on the Mundial Goal is custom made for playing on indoor surfaces. This outsole also offers top of the line traction while on the court.

New Balance 442 V2 Indoor

New Balance Men's 442 V2 Team IN Soccer Shoe | Fitness & Cross-Training -

New Balance has been steadily increasing their market share in football boots for years. Following the release of the New Balance 442 FG boots, the company created an indoor shoe to rival what’s currently offered by the top brands.

The 442 V2 provides a unique design and construction that help it stand out from the crowd. Full grain leather is stitched together to create the upper, while a genuine suede toe cap can be found at the front of the boot.

You can pick up a pair of the 442 V2 indoors for around $99.99, making it a great mid-priced option.

Mizuno Morelia Indoor

No other football brand is known more for quality and craftsmanship more than Mizuno. The Japanese company is responsible for creating some of the most premium leather football boots on the market. Mizuno puts quality first, and it shows in the Morelia indoor model.

The upper is constructed with premium kangaroo leather while the graded sole plate is built from a durable rubber. Flexibility is a strong point for the Morelia, as the rubber sole can bend freely to support quick changes in direction.

Leather shoes can often feel more bulky compared to their synthetic counterparts. This isn’t the case with the Morelia, as the shoe still maintains a streamlined speed-boot design. At $129.99, it’s still one of the more affordable offerings from Mizuno.

Joma Top Flex

Joma Men's Futsal Shoes, 5 UK Wide | Soccer -

Joma has been a fan favorite of indoor soccer players for decades. Despite not having a well established line of firm ground boots, Joma has spent a lot of their time perfecting indoor shoes. The Joma Top Flex is a culmination of their efforts to create a truly well rounded product.

There is slightly more volume in the Top Flex compared to other more minimal indoor shoes. However, this additional material helps add more durability to the shoe. A leather lined nylon is used in the upper, making for a really comfortable fit.

The sole on the top flex is thick enough to last months of playing on hard surfaces, yet it still has enough flexibility to support performance. Maybe the best thing about the Joma Top Flex is the price, coming it at just $64.99.

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