Best Adidas Football Boots

The Best Adidas Football Boots To Buy In 2023 – Ranked

Best Adidas Football Boots – Top 7

Adidas is entering 2023 with an impressive lineup of football boots. From traditional leather models, to high-tech synthetic boots, the brand covers a wide variety of styles. So in this article, we’ll be ranking 7 of the best Adidas football boots to help find what’s right for you.

You can also find all of these boots on sale over at World Soccer Shop. Keep in mind that your opinion may differ on some of these rankings, so you should try on a variety of boots to see what works well for you.

7. Adidas Copa Sense.1

Best Adidas Football Boots

First up on our list is the Copa Sense.1. This boot is Adidas’ attempt to modernize the classic Copa line. From a stylistic standpoint, they’ve done a pretty good job. The boot showcases a sleek design with a wavy kangaroo leather upper.

The Copa Sense is comfortable, but it doesn’t have the softest or best fitting leather on the market. I would say that prize currently goes to the Nike Tiempo Legend 9. That being said, the foam touch pods on the inside of the boot still provide a pretty nice fit. The lacing system also provides solid lockdown.

6. Adidas Copa Sense+

Best Adidas Football Boots

Grabbing the sixth spot on our list is the Adidas Copa Sense+. This laceless model goes so well with the wavy leather design of the boot. The full leather upper feels so natural running across your entire foot.

Despite not having laces, the lockdown on the Copa Sense+ is still pretty good. This means you won’t have to worry about them slipping off your feet while playing. I think Adidas can do more with this line in the future, but the Copa Sense is still a decent boot overall.

5. Adidas Predator Edge.1

Best Adidas Football Boots

Up next on our list is the Predator Edge.1. This is the latest and greatest that Adidas have to offer in the coveted Predator line. The Edge model does a great job at improving upon the Predator Freak series that it replaces.

The Predator Edge has a zone skin upper with layers of rubber to help provide traction on the ball. This design is far from a gimmick, as you can actually feel the added grip when both dribbling and shooting the ball.

These boots do have a bit of heft to them, coming in at 9.2 ounces. The weight comes from the wider frame and more layers of material used in the Edge. Despite making them heavier, this does make the boots feel more protective on feet.

4. Adidas Predator Edge+

Orange Predator Edge+ Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, the Predator Edge+ may be the best looking boot on this list. I love the way the zone skin sits across the upper on a laceless design. This makes for such a pure striking surface as well.

I was initially concerned about the lockdown that would be provided by the boot, but it’s not much of an issue. The elasticated collar helps keep your foot in place even when you make a quick change in direction.

3. Adidas Copa Mundial

Black Copa Mundial Soccer Shoes

Coming in at number 3, we have the classic Adidas Copa Mundial. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that this boot is ranking so high on this list. For those who have never worn a pair of Copas, I can’t recommend them enough.

In terms of both build quality and materials, these boots are unmatched. I wore these boots over two seasons and they remained intact through many long matches and rainy training sessions. The kangaroo leather on the Copas is some of the softest I’ve ever worn, and the boots perfectly form to feet after a few wears.

A major issue that many boots have is that the soleplate will separate from the upper over time. The Copa Mundial is the only boot where I’ve never had this issue. I will say that the boots do stretch out over time, so order a half size down if you’re planning to cop a pair.

2. Adidas X Speedportal.1

Silver X Speedportal.1 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

In the second overall spot, it’s the Adidas X Speedportal.1. This boots is the latest iteration in Adidas’ X line of football boots. From a technical and performance standpoint, the X Speedportal is the best that Adidas has to offer.

These boots are lightweight, comfortable, and deliver a barefoot-like playing experience. The razor thin synthetic upper provides a close touch on the ball, while the Primeknit collar wraps around your ankle to provide lockdown.

Another key feature of the Speedportal is the Carbitex soleplate at the base of the boot. This is currently the best soleplate on the market. It’s flexible and snappy, giving you a noticeable energy return with every step you take.

1. Adidas X Speedportal+

Blue X Speedportal+ Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Finally, at the number one spot, It’s the Adidas X Speedportal+. There’s a few reasons that make this a great football boot. The first is just looking at the boot it’s replacing, the X Speedflow+. The X Speedflow+ was the best laceless football boot ever made, and Adidas still holds that crown with this new football boot.

All of the benefits from the laced Speedportal.1 can also be found here in this boot. The one-piece upper feels seamless on feet and the boots deliver a really natural playing experience. Foam inserts on the inside of the boot help keep your heal in place while playing. This ensures that the boots have great lockdown despite being laceless.

Laceless designs will become more popular in the next few years, and boots like the X Speedportal+ prove that that’s a good thing.

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