Adidas Copa Pure 2+ Review

Adidas Copa Pure 2+ Review

Adidas Copa Pure 2+ Review

Adidas Copa Pure 2+


Adidas has decided to release an early update to their Copa Pure line, unveiling the brand new Copa Pure 2+.

This new addition bears a striking resemblance to the existing Copa Pure, raising the question of why Adidas felt the need to refresh the series. The Copa Pure 2+ brings several notable changes, indicating a desire to attract those who may not have been entirely convinced by last year’s Copa.

In this article, we delve into the changes made to the Copa 2+ and explore whether it may be a good fit for you. If you’re considering picking up a pair, we’ve provided links above where you can get them at a discount.

Design Evolution: The Return of Laces

The most prominent design change in the new Copa Pure 2+ is the reintroduction of laces to the football boot. Recall that last year’s original Copa Pure+ featured a full leather upper without a traditional lacing system.

This year, the Copa Pure 2+ maintains the one-piece upper but extends the Primeknit collar along the length of the midfoot. Additionally, laces are introduced to enhance lockdown. Given Adidas’s extensive range of laceless football boots, one might wonder why they chose to reintroduce laces to one of their popular models.

The decision to add laces back in likely to offer players as many options as possible. Many players appreciate the seamless feel of one-piece uppers but still seek more ankle and heel support, a need that the Copa 2+ addresses.

Familiar Features

Apart from the introduction of laces and the extension of the Primeknit collar, the Copa Pure 2+ retains several key features from its predecessor. The Fusion Skin upper, featuring a combination of calf leather and recycled materials, remains a defining characteristic. This textured upper offers a mix of firmness and padding in various areas.

While the side of the boot provides a firmer, cushioned feel for controlling the ball, the toe box boasts an incredibly soft material. Despite the combination of recycled materials and leather, the upper feels premium and delightfully soft where it matters most.

The soleplate, known as the Torsion Frame outsole, remains unchanged from the previous model. It’s lightweight, rigid, and equipped with sharp, half-moon studs, offering exceptional traction on firm ground surfaces.

This soleplate, originally used in Adidas’s speed boots, such as the older Nemesis line, combines the aggressive nature of a speed boot soleplate with the leather upper of the Copa Pure series.

Fit and Feel: The Best of Both Worlds

The Copa Pure 2+ differentiates itself from its predecessors in the realm of fit and feel. With a one-piece upper and the addition of laces, it offers a blend of characteristics that make it stand out.

The boots are incredibly comfortable, and slipping into them is effortless, thanks to the accommodating Primeknit material. Contrary to some elastic inner liners, which can make entry challenging, these boots provide a hassle-free experience.

While the Copa Pure.1 may have felt too snug for some, the Copa Pure 2+ feels more accommodating, primarily due to the elasticity of the Primeknit material. However, they still maintain the snugness expected from leather football boots.

Underlying the success of the Copa Pure 2+ is the incredibly thin and soft inner liner, which conveys a sense of full contact with the leather upper. Even without tightly secured laces, there’s minimal foot movement within the boot. The laces serve primarily to enhance security and lockdown around the ankle and heel.

One notable aspect to consider is sizing. The Copa Pure 2+ tends to run slightly long. If you prefer a closer, more responsive fit, you may want to consider ordering half a size down.

Playability: Lightweight and Responsive

The Copa Pure 2+ excels on the pitch. The lightweight and rigid Torsion Frame soleplate imparts a light and snappy sensation, propelling you through each step. It’s akin to the responsiveness of speed boots, which, combined with the leather upper, provides a delightful playing experience.

The touch on the ball is where these boots truly shine. Dribbling and juggling reveal the incredibly soft upper at the front of the boot, delivering a close, leather-like touch. While not as thin as some other options, the sensitivity remains high throughout the upper.

The textured side offers cushioning for ball control, while the slick, matte finish of the upper contributes to a fantastic experience. Lockdown is secure, with or without tightly tied laces. The padding at the heel ensures blisters are kept at bay.

Value and Competition

The Copa Pure 2+ is currently priced at $250, positioning it in the premium range for leather football boots. This price range sparks a comparison with options like the New Balance 442 V2 Pro, the Nike Premier 3, and the Adidas Copa Gloro, all available for around $100.

If you seek a simple leather football boot with the standard fit, comfort, and playability, these alternatives are more affordable. However, if you’re drawn to a modern leather boot with a one-piece design, combining leather with a modern aesthetic and enhanced build quality, the Copa Pure 2+ stands alone.

Its knitted collar, one-piece upper, and aggressive soleplate are a rare combination in leather boots, making it an excellent choice for those who seek both tradition and modernity.


The Adidas Copa Pure 2+ marks an evolution in leather football boots. It combines the classic appeal of leather with a modern twist, offering players the best of both worlds.

The reintroduction of laces and the extension of the Primeknit collar provide excellent lockdown without compromising comfort. This modern design retains its traditional roots, offering a tactile, leather-like touch on the ball.

However, its premium price may deter some, especially when more affordable leather options exist. For those who want the perfect blend of tradition and modernity in a leather boot, the Copa Pure 2+ delivers an exceptional playing experience.

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