New Balance Tekela V4 Pro – Review

New Balance Tekela V4 Pro

The New Balance Tekela v4 Pro is the newest laceless speedboot on offer from New Balance. It is designed for players who want the ultimate in speed and comfort, at a reasonable price. The boot features a lightweight construction, a snug fit, and advanced laceless technology. The stud pattern is high tech and designed for maximum speed and traction on the field. In this review, we will take a closer look at all of the key features of the New Balance Tekela V4 Pro and see how it compares to other laceless options on the market.

The Adidas X Speedportal, Predator Edge, and the Puma Future 1.3 all have compelling laceless designs. However, New Balance may have edged out its competitors with the Tekela V4 Pro. The unique new design of this boot shows why New Balance has been turning heads in the football world recently.


New Balance Tekela V4 Pro Review

New Balance has completely updated the hypoknit upper from the previous Tekela V3 model. This new upper is now thinner, lighter, and more flexible than its predecessor. Weighing in at just 198 grams, the Tekela V4 is also almost half an ounce lighter than the V3. This makes the boots feel noticeably lighter on feet.

The one-piece upper has textured lines added through the mid-foot to provide more traction on the ball. This element adds a subtle amount of grip, but isn’t quite as sticky as the zone skin on the Predator Edge.

A light padding lines the inside of the boots to help provide additional comfort. In place of a traditional tongue and lacing system, an elasticated knit collar is used to give the boots a sock like look and feel.


New Balance Tekela V4 Pro Review

Simply put, the Tekela V4 is one of the best fitting laceless football boots on the market. The main goal of every laceless boot with a knitted upper is the same; to feel like putting on a pair of comfortable socks with studs at the bottom. This is a pretty challenging concept to execute, but New Balance have done it well.

The flexible upper, in combination with the elasticated collar, actually provides a sock like sensation on feet. They have enough room in the toe-box while still remaining slim through the mid-foot. Unlike many laceless boots, the Tekela V4 still provides great lockdown. So you won’t have to worry about your heel slipping while running. New Balance have even added a textured heel liner to grip your socks with every step.

If you struggle to find comfortable boots due to having wide feet, New Balance have you covered here as well. Similar to the Furon V7, New Balance will also be offering the Tekela V4 in wide foot variations.


New Balance Tekela V4 Pro Review

The collar on the Tekela V4 is simple, but well executed. Compared to other boots from Nike and Adidas, the Tekela V4 has a collar that fits very snug around your ankle. This helps give an added feeling of stability while wearing the boots, not to mention this also adds more lockdown as well.

If you’re used to traditional football boots, the Tekela V4 may take a little bit of getting used to. The elasticated collar can make the boots slightly challenging to take on and off, but the benefit of not having to lace them up helps makes up for it.

Laceless Technology

As I’ve mentioned already, New Balance have done an excellent job executing on the laceless design of these boots. The elastic material on the top of the boots is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the knitted upper. Due to the lack of a lacing system, these boots also have a remarkably clean striking surface for shooting and passing the ball.

However, it’s important to recognize that there are always going to be some tradeoffs when it comes to laceless football boots. As great as the lockdown is on the Tekela V4, it’s not quite at the level of a laced football boot. That being said, you’ll get used to the sensation of these boots after a couple of wears.

Sole Plate

New Balance continues their innovative streak with an entirely re-imagined sole plate on the Tekela V4. In fact, the sole plate on these boots is different than anything else that you can find on the market right now. This is due to the unique combination of both conical studs and bladed studs.

4 conical studs are placed at the heel of the boot, while 7 conical studs are placed and the front. New Balance has placed 7 bladed studs on the perimeter of the boot as well. These bladed studs on the perimeter will help provide players with added traction when the edge of their boots make contact with the ground.

This may not feel particularly noticeable while on the field, but it’s nice to see that New Balance is innovating in an area where other brands rarely do. Needless to say, the sole plate on the Tekela V4 provides more than enough traction on firm ground surfaces.

Playing Experience

You’re probably curious about how these boots hold up on the field. Thankfully, the Tekela V4s are an absolute joy to play in. They offer a truly barefoot feel on the ball when both dribbling and shooting. You hardly notice the boots on your feet once you’ve been playing for a few minutes.

One of the best aspects of playing in the Tekela V4s was the responsiveness. Both the upper and the outsole of the boot have a snappiness to them. As you bend your feet, the boots bend with you. This flexibility really helps you perform naturally on the field.

Value for Money

When it comes to value for money, New Balance really starts to stand out from the crowd. Compared to other laceless models that retail for over $275, The Tekela V4 Pro sells for just $215. Depending where you shop, you may also find these boots on offer for less than $200.


For 20% less money, you’re still getting all of the premium quality that the big brands offer. Even without considering the price, the Tekela V4 Pro is one of the best in class laceless boots on the market. Make sure they are on your radar when you buy your next pair of football boots.

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