Adidas Copa Pure Review

Adidas Copa Pure – Review

A Brand New Copa

Adidas is back with a much needed refresh to their famous Copa line. The previous generation Copa Sense wasn’t my favorite football boot, as it lacked in the comfort and feel that a leather boot should deliver. Adidas had to step up with this new release. Thankfully, they have done just that, as the Copa Pure is one of the best leather boots Adidas has released in years. In this review, we’ll highlight the new features of the Copa Pure to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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New Leather

One thing you may notice that’s missing from the new Copa Pure is the presence of Kangaroo Leather. Instead, Adidas have opted for standard cow leather instead. This serves several purposes, as it both cuts costs and helps navigate around California restrictions against Kangaroo leather.

Although this may seem like a downgrade at first, this leather is actually much softer than what was found on the previous Copa Sense model. It’s the first thing you’ll feel as you take these boots out of the box, and it leaves a great impression. This is no doubt one of the softest and most comfortable leather uppers that Adidas has released in years.

A Redesigned Upper

Adidas have taken a more classic approach to the upper in the new Copa Pure. The new leather upper actually bears some resemblance to the Copa 20.1 from several years ago. Of course, Adidas have added some of their more modern tech into the design as well.

The upper features Adidas’ Fusion Skin along with 3D haptic print textures. Although this textured material is a nice added touch, it’s not very noticeable when the boots are on feet. Instead, the star of the show is the leather itself. The Copa Pure has one of the thinnest leather uppers I’ve ever seen on a football boot. This is due to the fact that Adidas have removed foam padding that was present on previous models.

Familiar Outsole

Adidas have done away with the outsole from the previous Copa Sense line. Instead, they have brought back the sole plate that was used on the Adidas Nemeziz model from six years ago. This may seem like a regression, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

This outsole is much lighter than what was used on the previous Copa Sense, making for a noticeable reduction in weight. Since this outsole is from the Nemeziz, it has the DNA of a speed boot. You really feel a snappy responsiveness from the Torsion Frame in every step. This makes the Copa Pure a great option for players who are looking for a minimal and aggressive boot.

Premium Fit and Feel

The fit and feel of the new Copa Pure is unique compared to any other boot on the market. This is because the Copa combines the soft and comfortable feel of a leather boot, with the streamlined lockdown of a speedboot. It almost feels as if Adidas has created a leather counterpart to the X Speedportal.

Inside the boot, there is a subtle synthetic lining. However, this lining is so thin that the boots still deliver a barefoot feeling. The leather is so soft and pliable that the boots almost have a sock like sensation on feet.

Due to the more minimal approach that Adidas have taken, these boots do offer less protection compared to previous models. Some people may appreciate this, as the boots feel a lot lighter and more streamlined. However if you’re looking for something with more bulk or protection, the Copa Pure may not be for you.

Laceless Copa Pure+

Similar to previous generations, you can also get the Copa Pure in a laceless variation. Adidas is already known as a leader when it comes to laceless football boots, but they may have outdone themselves with the Copa Pure+.

This may be one of the best laceless boots that Adidas have ever created. With the removal of the lacing system, the soft leather upper now runs all the way across the midfoot. The design is sleek and integrates really well into this boot.

Lockdown can always be a concern on laceless boots, but adidas have addressed that with the Copa Pure+. The elasticated collar fits really snug around your ankle to prevent any slipping. Additionally, the Copa runs narrow through the heel to help keep your foot in place while running. It can be tough to slide on these boots, but once they’re on the lockdown is solid.

The Competition

So how does the Copa Pure stack up against the competition? There are a lot of great leather boots to choose from on the market. Some great options include the Adidas Copa Mundial, the Nike Premier 3, and the Nike Tiempo Legend 9.

In terms of leather quality and feel, the Copa Pure is right up there with these other leather football boots. From a weight perspective, it comes in roughly the same as the Tiempo at about 220 grams. The Copa Pure isn’t as substantial in terms of build quality compared to the Copa Mundial, but it’s not trying to be.

The Copa Pure is aiming to be a leather option for players who really appreciate more modern football boot design. This is especially clear with the Pure+, as there is hardly any competition in the market for laceless leather boots.


For the first time in several years, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Adidas Copa series. The Copa Pure gives you everything you would expect from a classic leather football boot, while still staying sleek and modern.

At $230 for the Copa Pure and $280 for the Pure+, these boots do come at a premium price. I would have liked Adidas to keep costs a bit lower, as they’re saving a lot of money using recycled parts on the production side. That being said, the Copa Pure still delivers a truly premium fit and feel.

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